Brainwave Entrainment

I am a great fan of Stephen Pierce and recently I came across his website in which he talked about Brainwave Entertainment. I think it will be worth while to disseminate such a crucial piece of information with people who are interested in good health.

I have just taken the few facts from this website in this article for everybody,s benefit:

Recently, professionals in the areas of psychology, neurology, medical health and self-help have begun utilizing the power of brainwave entrainment in their work with patients.

What is brainwave entrainment? It is a relatively young but rapidly growing field that involves the study of how altering brainwaves naturally can allow people to easily enter states of increased intelligence, creativity, relaxation, pure energy and more!

Here’s the science behind this incredible breakthrough: The brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons, which communicate with each other using electrical signals.

All of these neurons sending signals at once produce a large amount of electrical activity commonly called a Brainwave pattern, because of its “wave” or cyclic-like nature.

Researchers and scientists have found that different bands of brainwaves are associated with different mental states. For instance, the brainwaves of a sleeping person are much different than the brainwaves of an individual who is wide awake.

Years of research has shown that brainwaves not only provide insight into an individual’s mind and body, but they can be stimulated to actually change that person’s current state.

By causing the brain to produce or decrease specific types of brainwave frequencies, it is possible to bring about a large variety of mental states and emotional reactions.

How does this work? “Entrainment” is a principle in physics, where two cycles synchronize naturally with each other in order to work more efficiently. Entrainment is applied to chemistry, astronomy, electrical systems and much more – but can also be applied to the brain.

When the brain is provided with a stimulus, through the ears, eyes or other senses, it emits an electrical charge in response. This is called a Cortical Evoked Response. These electrical responses travel throughout the brain to become what an individual sees and hears.

When the brain is given a consistent, repeating stimulus, such as drum beats or flashes of light, the brain responds by synchronizing, or entraining, its electric cycles to the external rhythm. This is commonly called the Frequency Following Response (or FFR), and it can be used to effectively alter the brainwave pattern of the audience.

This I personally realised after listening to the scientifically proven Beta Brainwave Entertainment to understand that we have an all access pass to the high performance peak state that our world’s greatest achievers know intimately.

The EEG visual shown at the beginning of this article was taken while observing the effects of Beta Brainwave Entertainment on an independent listener. This visual reading not only proves that Beta Brainwave Entertainment works, but powerfully demonstrates how quickly your mind can be optimized and your cerebral functioning accelerated.

The Baseline (left-side) illustrates the listener’s brainwave activity prior to listening to Brainwaves. The Beta Increase (right-side) shows the considerable increase in beta activity after just 20 minutes of listening to Beta waves.

Brainwave research on cognitive performance has pointed to the mid Beta brainwave frequencies as the zone to create a super focus mental state, intellectual endurance, and optimize your brain to handle intensive task with high levels of mental stamina.

As you listen to your brainwaves will be entrained into the Beta brainwave zone and have you mentally fine tuned for success.

If you have ever dreamed of realizing your full potential and receiving all the benefits that will help you to quickly and easily unleash your mental powers and achieve your dreams. Listen to this audio and you will:

Sharpen your mental focus, attention, and concentration
Enhance your thinking speed and clarity
Improve your ability to remember and recall information
Increase your mental energy and alertness
And much, much more

you can be experiencing acute concentration, accelerated cognition and amazing mental states that the most focused and zoned achievers on the planet know.

Think of the tremendous impact this could have on your life! and improving your mental efficiency could:
Help you excel in your career
Improve the quality of your life
Improve your marriage
Make you more content
Make you more confident
And much, much more!

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Upgrade Your Business With Vendor Financing

If you have a business going right now with big ideas for making it better. The lack of funding may be what is holding you back. It is a common scenario in many types of businesses – things need to be upgraded in order to compete with other businesses in the same category. Without money for those upgrades or to expand there is little chance of holding your own. Yet there is no way to get that money right now as the bank isn’t convinced you can make it happen.

Vendor financing may help you upgrade your business. With this possibility they will be able to help you to get the equipment and supplies you need. They will offer them and you will have monthly payments to make to them in the mean time. The equipment and supplies will be used as collateral until the debt has been paid in full. With this option you just may be able to get the funds you need to move your business forward instead of being passed by from the competition.

What you started your business with may have been the bare minimum due to the lack of capital. That is a common problem in this day and age. Yet you can’t really start to make profits if you can’t get the volume of sales. You can’t get those sales if you don’t have the equipment to produce enough to meet the demand. Too many businesses fail due to not having what they need in place. Sadly, they know what it is but the cost associated with it keeps it at bay.

You can get what you need at a price you can afford through vendor financing. The low monthly payments are going to be easy to meet. As you generate more profit you can also pay more towards what you owe to pay it off in less time. Technology can advance rapidly, and that is another reason you may need to upgrade your business. The equipment you have right now may not be as fast or as effective as what your competition has access to. Now is the time to get things on an even level once again.

If the thought of upgrading your business is one you have in mind there are quite a few options available to you. If the bank has told you know and you don’t want to give up on the idea, perhaps vendor financing is just what you need. There is certainly no harm in investigating the possibility further. There are many great companies out there that offer vendor financing options. Explore their programs, their rates, and what equipment and supplies they can provide you with.

If you are committed to seeing your business have long life, then you need to keep it moving forward. Upgrades can help you get work done in less time, with greater accuracy, and more professionally. You have to look at things from the prospective of the customers. If you are able to consistently offer them the best value for their money, they have no reason to turn to the competition.

Don’t give up your business without a fight, and that means exploring all opportunities for making it better than before. With the support of a company that understands what your dilemma is, you can get the funding you need to be prosperous. There are plenty of personalized vendor financing options out there to consider. Find the one that is going to help you obtain the goals you have set for your business.

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Bluetooth Headphone

As the technology grows, it gives us amazing new creation for our use. Like mobile phone has given the new era of communication. Now it has become the necessity of our life. The new and advanced technology helps us many ways to enhance durability of our life. The another wonderful technology allows us to use our cell phones and headsets without wires can also be used with iPods, MP3 player or any other media player, which is known as Bluetooth Headphones. The Bluetooth is an advanced technology which supports wireless transmission of the signal. Normally it works area is around 400-500 feet.

You can now listen to your favourite music on high fidelity stereo headphones, without that annoying cable attached to your music player. The new Bluetooth Headphones have frequency responses similar to those of wired studio-grade headphones. This means you won't have to sacrifice sound quality for the convenience of going wireless.

If you use a hands free headset or earpiece with your cell phone, wireless Bluetooth headsets are now available that will allow you to use the same headset with your cell phone and your iPod or MP3 player. So still you can enjoy your music and don’t need to miss any call from your beloved one. The Bluetooth headset will notify you with an audible beep in your earphones that someone is calling. You can then have a conversation on your cell phone using that same headset. Once your call has ended, the phone will be disconnected and the music will resume playing in your headphones. And all this with no wires!

The constant improving and combining of technologies is really benefiting the consumer. Prices are extremely reasonable for the freedom and convenience that these new Bluetooth headphones and headsets offer. Now there is no more messing around with that cables. There are now no excuses for having too many gadgets and having wires connecting everything. You can combine your phone and music player, and use the same headphones for both! Just go with a Bluetooth headset and make it all a little easier.

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Top News For 2008

By John Parks

2008 was a crazy year for everyone. Here is a quick run down of the top news stories of 2008:

The Election of President Barack Obama: On November 4, 2008 Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. He is the first African American President in the country's history and the significance of his taking the oath of office on slave-built steps on January 20, 2009 was not lost on those who attended the events or watched the ceremony on television. President Obama has been busy since being sworn in: closing Guantanamo Bay, passing the Lilly Ledbetter Act, redefining ethics for his administration and setting a tone of "I will be held accountable for what I do and I will always be up front in my decision making." The theme for his administration is transparency and accountability and so far he seems to be living up to his promise.

The Crashing of the United States Economy: The stock market plummeted just days before the 2008 US Presidential Election making news in both the economic and political spectrum: less than twenty four hours before the crash, John McCain had insisted that the United States' economy was strong. Some say that this might have been the final nail in the coffin of McCain's doomed campaign. The news did not stop with the crashing of the stock market. The market somehow kept diving, prompting some to ask "does the Dow ever run out of points?" It will cost the federal government more than one trillion dollars to fix all of the damage done in the crash.

Oil Prices Dropping: When the news broke of the oil companies' insanely high profits in a single quarter, many people decided that they were tired of funding oil companies and turned to other modes of transportation: mass transit, bicycles and even walking. This led to the crash of oil prices and the price of gasoline went from almost four dollars per gallon to less than one dollar and fifty cents per gallon in some areas. The prices have since leveled out at just fewer than two dollars per gallon.

The Russia-Georgia War: The nations of Russia and Georgia made news in 2008 when they went to war against each other for five days. The war was started with a Georgian artillery strike on the newly forming South Ossetia region. Russia fought back by invading Georgian territory which made their relationship even less stable.

Other major news stories of 2008 included the death of Heath Ledger (who accidentally overdosed on sleeping and anti-anxiety medication), the never ending Iraq war, the rise and fall of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, the terrorism in Mumbai, and the passing of Prop 8 in California by the exact same margin that the state elected Barack Obama President.

2008 was an exciting news year and 2009 is already off to a great start with the Israeli-Hamas conflict, President Obama's inauguration, and the slow rebuilding of the United States economy.


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Tips on Choosing a Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle covers have come a long way from the cheap plastic tarps your father used to throw over his bike before a rain. You remember those, the bright blue plastic tarp that would grip the tailpipes and turn black on the chrome if put on while the bike was still hot. Today you can buy a motorcycle cover with built-in UV protection, non-scratching liners, rust inhibitors and chrome-saving heat shields.

Several manufacturers produce a heavy-duty outdoor motorcycle cover that's a virtual garage. They can come with heat shields, excellent venting and a waterproof surface. This kind of motorcycle cover is on the heavy side, but is durable and often comes with lockable hems letting you secure your bike worry-free.

You can find a motorcycle cover that is a bit more flexible and portable but the price for this convenience is a material that runs thin, is prone to puncture and is water resistant, not waterproof.

One thing of note about a motorcycle cover is that most are not sold as "waterproof". Manufacturers tend to use the terms water resistant or water repellant. But you can treat your motorcycle cover with 3M Scotchguard® to boost the motorcycle cover's resistance. Even with this you might still find your bike wet after a downpour. Keeping your motorcycle cover tight will help water roll off and keep your bike dry.

Oxford Rainex and Aquatex stay fairly dry as does Dowco's Elite Series (Guardian Secure) and WheaterAll bike covers. Just about anything Kuryakyn puts out is top quality. CycleShade is of course just a sun and prying eyes protector.

For the traveler you can find a light-weight motorcycle cover that is easily packed away on a tour bike or one of the economy bikes. These offer basic protection from the elements at an affordable price. A fourth type of motorcycle cover is called a half-cover, bikini top or shade and is made just for summer, to protect your bike for the sun's damaging rays.

More importantly, if you keep your bike parked on the street like most of us, a motorcycle cover protects your motorcycle from wandering eyes, deterring thieves as they can't readily see what is under the cover.

Also, securing your motorcycle cover will deter someone from attempting to steal it while keeping the motorcycle cover from blowing away. An inexpensive yet secure cable and lock is the best route to take. Most will be around $10 online or you can check with your local motorcycle dealer.

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How to Farm WoW Gold the Easy Way

By Damien Matthews

Not many players know how to farm WoW gold and many of them buy from the gold sellers. This is very wrong, you risk getting your account and hard work, banned, or worse, hacked. There are many ways on how to farm WoW gold and in this article I will describe a few of them.

The first way, is the one that everyone knows. The most preferred way to make gold, by all the players is the simple grinding on various mobs. This is a 100% profitable, meaning that you can only gain stuff and cash by grinding on mobs at various spots. There is pretty much nothing to lose doing this, except of course, if you are really bad at playing World of Warcraft and you die all the time, wasting your money on repairs. This also is time consuming, so if you are a casual player you probably won't have enough time to use this method to your advantage. All the four years of experience with World of Warcraft taught me that if you are grinding, it is best to do it for 2-3 hours at the time. The golden rule for grinding is LOOT EVERYTHING. Sell the trash loot and auction the worthy loot.

Another method is gathering. This involves mining and herbalism. Skinning and tailoring can partially be included in this category, but they need to go hand in hand with the grinding. All these can bring to any player a good deal of cash. To some players this is the answer on how to farm WoW Gold. To improve your gathering, always use an epic flying mount. This will double or triple your profits. Of course, an epic flying mount is expensive, but it is always a good investment.

As a third method, questing can be also named here. There are several clusters of daily quests in certain areas of the game, like the Isle of Quel'Danas, quests which can be completed in short time. The good thing for questing is that you will get raw cash by completing them, without being forced to sell anything at the Auction House. This is a good method to make WoW gold if you need just a couple of hundreds quickly, without waiting for any stuff to sell out at the Auction House.

The last method, maybe the best of all enumerated above is the Auction House manipulation. This consists in buying low and selling high. For some this is the easiest and fastest way but everyone who is doing this MUST know very well the supply and demand for their server. Not knowing this, will only make you lose money. It's actually like gambling.

By combinating all these four, you can easily gather enough cash to get what you need. In my opinion this is a good answer on how to farm WoW gold the easy way. I have managed to put together these methods of making cash by using a few professional WoW gold guides, made by experienced, hardcore players.


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Make Dollhouse Dreams Come True Virtually

By Lily Morgan

If you've ever pined over a beautiful Victorian dollhouse and wished you could have your own, you're not alone. Unfortunately, a well built and beautifully furnished dollhouse can be costly venture to create. Even if you choose to build the structure yourself, the process can take time and have a price tag that's a little higher than most people are willing to pay. Fortunately, there is a way to have your cake and eat it, too. Thanks to the Internet, you can build the dollhouse of your dreams, furnish it the way you want it and never spend a dime!

Virtual dollhouse games are available in a number of locations on the Internet. Most games are designed to provide people with premade dollhouses they can virtually decorate and furnish. There are some options in regard to actually selecting the house designs, too.

Dollhouse games are most readily found in locations that offer plans or readymade dollhouses for sale. This is, of course, an advertising ploy, but it can work to your advantage. If you just want to play at decorating a house, there's no harm or foul in using a game. Should you want to eventually invest in a dollhouse, these games can guide you on your journey. The truth is that playing with a virtual dollhouse game can be quite fun and the venture can even serve a few practical purposes.

So, why would you want to build a virtual dollhouse? These are the most common reasons people seek out this type of online program:

For child's play - If you can't give your child a real dollhouse right away, you can still make sure she has one to play with. Kids love decorating these virtual houses and making sure everything is set up just right. This is also a great way for parents to see if little ones will actually make the investment in a dollhouse worth the expense, too.

To gain some design ideas - If you do intend to build a dollhouse or buy one readymade, these games can be quite beneficial for helping you review the options available. Not everyone, after all, has an eye for stock Victorian houses. Online you will find a variety of styles to choose from and to get your mind turning on which type you might want to bring home and decorate yourself or as a family.

To gain decorating ideas - Virtual dollhouse games are perfect for providing decorating ideas for the inside of a dollhouse. If you do intend upon taking the plunge and buying a dollhouse or building one at some point, collecting furniture in advance is a great way to break up the purchase expense. It does help, however, if you have an idea on the style of furnishings and decorations you want.

Virtual dollhouse games give you the freedom to play and dream without having to go to the expense of building an actual scale model. Whether you just want to enjoy the fun of decorating or you want to get your mind turning on the right style to select when you do buy, these games are worth exploring prior to making the investment.


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